Who We Are

who we are

REACH is a hybrid branding Management Company whose primary focus is to fuse together the core elements of Fashion, Film, Music and Celebrity. Having both hands in the industry’s ever-evolving state, REACH embraces the multi-platform elements with its unique management style and overall approach to project development.

Having locations in both New York and Philadelphia allows REACH to have a firm grasp on the East Coast vibe and pulse of the fashion industry. With a strong presence in the marketplace, we ensure creative and strategic placements of our talent both in the local market and development of international talent with placement in Asia and Europe.

REACH’s current roster of talent includes some well-known and hugely successful models, actors and musicians. REACH is also proud to have major placements in NYC Fashion Week and a variety of TV and films with shows including Wolf of Wall Street, Lady Gaga’s The Fame Futuristic Fashion Show and Leonid Gurevich. Our talent has walked runways around the world, from NYC to Paris, Milan, and Tokyo. With major editorial spreads for Maybelline, Pepsi, American Apparel, Vogue Italia, Esquire China, Maxim, Macy’s, Toys “R” Us, Pref Magazine. Castings in Blue Bloods, Gossip Girl, Men in Black 3, Transformers, as well as having on-going relationships with Nickelodeon, Disney, HBO, NBC, and the History Channel.

In addition to representing high fashion and editorial we also represent actors, commercial print, kids, musicians and social media celebrities and leaders of business and technology and sports in our speaker media department.

REACH event staffing division:

Unlike most promotional modeling and event staffing companies, REACH is equipped with a full-time team of incredible Account Managers, Account Coordinators, Booking Managers, Recruiters, Designers, one hundred certified partners and quite possibly the largest event staffing database throughout the US. At REACH, we have always cared deeply about our people, our business and the clients that we serve. We are open seven days a week, 365 days a year and much like a doctor we are always on call! Lastly, we truly believe that our organization is without a doubt the most committed agency you will ever work with. We will prove this to you if given the opportunity!

** Submissions Info **

Please send four photos (portrait, profile, 3/4 full & full body), your name, age, stats and telephone number to mike@viptalentconnect.com.

No Walk-ins. By appointment only!

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