It Shoulda Been You
Music by Barbara Anselm
Book and lyrics by Brian Hargrove
Director: Alejandro Rosa 
Producer: Anne Fitzgerald
Music Director: Melissa Dull
PERFORMANCE DATES: September 7, 8, 9 and 14, 15,16
Rehearsals: Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 6pm-9pm starting July 15th    
(Some actors may have a few Tuesday rehearsals just for dance)
••• AUDITION Details •••
Wednesday, May 23
6:00pm - 9:00pm
?Please prepare 32 measures of a musical theatre piece that is similar in style to the music of “It Shoulda Been You”. An accompanist will be available for the audition. Music must be provided for the accompanist. A backing track may also be used. 
?There will be cold readings after the music portion of the audition. 
?There will not be a dance audition. 
?Please plan to stay for the entirety of the audition, if possible.
If you have any questions about the show, auditions or are unable to attend on the scheduled date, please contact the Director, Alejandro Rosa, at
300 Churchville Ave, Staunton, VA 24401
••• About the Show •••
“It Shoulda Been You” has all the elements of a classical musical theater comedy: A wedding, two families, mother/daughter issues, father/son issues, an ex-boyfriend, and even a fantastic wedding planner. All of the things that you expect from a musical comedy but with a surprise twist that takes the traditional, turns it upside down, and creates a modern story. At its heart, the show is about love, acceptance and, most of all, the importance of family. 
••• Character Descriptions •••
Jenny Steinberg
Co-maid of honor and the bride's older sister. Jenny is accomplished, strong, and proud of who she is even if others, her mother in particular, don’t see who she truly is.                         
Gender: Female
Age: Mid 20’s to Early 40’s 
Judy Steinberg
Mother of the bride. Judy is blunt, loud, and shoots from the hip. She loves her children dearly, even when they don’t listen to her (which they always should). 
Gender: Female
Age: 50’s to 60’s
Marty Kaufman
The bride's ex-boyfriend who accidentally finds out about the wedding and rushes in uninvited and gets wrapped up in the chaos of the day.               
Gender: Male
Age: Mid 20’s to Early 40’s
Georgette Howard
Mother of the groom. Georgette is a society lady who dreads watching her boy leave her for another woman.
Gender: Female
Age: 50’s to 60’s
George Howard
Father of the groom. George is concerned about his son’s future even if he can’t quite connect with him on any sort of emotional level.
Gender: Male
Age: 50’s to 60’s
Rebecca Steinberg