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JaLyssa W.
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JaLyssa Walker is a 28-year-old who was born in Germany and raised in North Carolina. She comes from an Army family, mother, father, two older brothers, as well as herself joining the Army in 2012, becoming a commissioned officer. At age 4, she started gymnastics and fell in love with the sport. Along with gymnastics her other passion JaLyssa loves to do is model. JaLyssa’s dedication and determination has her striving and doing what she needs to do in order to be successful in this industry. She had opportunities when she was younger to get into the industry, but due to her parent’s military careers moving from place to place she was not able to pursue her dream of becoming a model. Her father was also into modeling when she was younger. She enjoyed going to the different modeling events with her father and chasing the dream. Years later that fire is still burning so strong in her heart to model, she still has the perseverance to reach her dreams and goal to become a model. She understands the modeling industry is a tough one to break ground in but quitting and giving up on a dream is not an option for her. She wants to be a part of this great industry and continue to be a role model for young ladies. Her experience consists of small jobs and modeling seminars, that allowed her to get experience and learn from each opportunity. She has taken a few different modeling classes to teach her how to handle herself in front of the camera. JaLyssa has done print and runway, modeling clothing for local businesses when she lived in Texas. She has partaken in multiple trade shoots to build her portfolio. JaLyssa’s work ethic is her strong suit. She is always early to shoots, events, and castings. She shows up with a positive attitude and ready to work and complete the job to the best of her ability. Her ability to work in harmony with others is an immense asset that has proven to be a plus when having to work with others effectively towards the same goal, she has incredible interpersonal skills. She is always eager and willing to build her knowledge base and skills in this industry. JaLyssa is a dependable individual and can be counted on to get the job done whether it comes to a paying job or just a casting. Her motivation and determination are key to ensuring she gives her very best every time, always striving for perfection. JaLyssa’s drive to excel in anything she does has allowed her to break a Guinness World Record, earn a MBA while serving full time in the military, and receive the prestigious Leadership Award while attending an advanced career course. JaLyssa’s interest include gymnastics, running, working out, cheerleading, anything to stay active. She loves to travel and try new experiences, always up for a new adventure. JaLyssa has big goals for herself. Since, she was a young girl her goals and dreams were to work in the medical field along with modeling, which she is still striving for today. She is still striving for in reaching those goals. With her degree in Kinesiology and love for an active lifestyle she is looking forward to attending college to become a physical therapist and can see herself living in Los Angeles to pursue her dream of modeling whether she is in the military or not. JaLyssa is one to succeed in anything she does and will live out her dream; modeling and working as a Physical Therapist. She wants to be happy, living and enjoying the journey through life and can see herself doing that over the 10 years.