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Cynthia B.
EU 175cm/US 5'9"
EU 86cm/US 34"
EU 75cm/US 29.5"
EU 100cm/US 39.5"
34-36 EU/4-6 US
42.5 EU/9 US
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Cynthia Bizukiewicz was born and raised in New Jersey. She was picked on and teased in school. As the tall, skinny blonde girl, she was made to feel like an outcast because she didn’t look like everyone else, but she didn’t know how much it would benefit her later on in life. These trials only made her stronger and more driven. Entering high school, Cynthia really came into her own. She went on to join the bowling team, sing in the choir, played soccer, learned how to ice skate, and became part of a new group of friends who are still part of her life to this day. She also had the pleasure of meeting someone who she truly cared for and who cared for her in return. She felt true love and that helped her develop into the woman she is today. Over the years, Cynthia has found small simple ways of sharing her love by volunteering. She has helped animal shelters, participated in “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” walks, and become apart of the committee for American Cancer Society's “Relay for Life”. She has helped fund raise thousands of dollars for those in need and had fun in doing so. There was never really any hesitation because the end result was helping those in need. Deep in her heart, she loves to make people smile and be happy, in doing that she will always feel happy and content in life. As she grew, Cynthia developed a dream. She decided she wanted to become a model. She had watched The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on TV and fell in love. Watching those beautiful women own their look, Cynthia remembered how her look always made her stand out from everyone around her, and she realized that becoming a model is what she desired. She wanted to own her unique look on the outside and show the world how beautiful she was on the inside. Cynthia learned, while talking to family about this dream, her father actually had a history in the industry as a child himself. He appeared in commercials, did some print work, and was even an extra in Taxi Driver. While hearing his stories, her father further convinced her to pursue what had only thought of as a dream. Over the next several years, Cynthia worked with friends who had a passion for photography to build each other’s portfolio and gain experience. Then, life got in her way. Full-time jobs, paying bills, and saving money took priority, and she put her passion on the back burner. Years later, unexpected life events, such as deaths are what gave her the reality check she needed to regain her focus. Losing people who were here one day and gone the next made her not want to take time and life for granted. Work and bills will always be apart of life, but Cynthia knew she didn't want to settle anymore. She wants to pursue her modeling career and share all the love that she holds in her heart with the world. Cynthia’s ultimate goal is to teach girls to be their own kind of beautiful and inspire those around her not to wait on their dreams.