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Sara C.
EU 165cm/US 5'5"
EU 86cm/US 34"
EU 91cm/US 36"
EU 99cm/US 39"
35 EU/5 US
40.5 EU/7.5 US
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Sara Campbell is a 15-year-old girl who was born in Austin, Texas. She lived there until she was 7 years old and then moved to Rochester, New York, where she currently lives with her parents as an only child. She’s wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment industry since she was young. She’s always been able to sing and act and she recently found an interest in modeling. Sara has a great sense of humor, she’s sweet, and she has always been able to make people laugh. Also, when she wants something – she’ll do whatever it takes to get it. She’s a hard worker and takes her future very seriously. She’s been in 2 school plays – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Beauty and the Beast. Also, she’s graduated from Barbizon Modeling and Acting school. Taylor Swift has always been Sara’s inspiration in this industry. She inspires her because she can relate to her and she has a good influence on her generation. Before she was famous, she was bullied and she managed to get past that and pursue a successful career in music. She donated to charities and cares so much. Sara has always admired her good intentions and has loved her positive influence on the world. Her career goals differ from Taylor Swift’s. Sara’s wants to pursue a career in modeling, acting, and music, while Taylor Swift has just pursued a career in music with a little modeling and acting on the side. What Sara is trying to accomplish is to get experience in the entertainment industry and to know more people in the industry. She’s trying to learn more techniques in the fields of music, acting, and modeling to better her career.