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Hally M.
EU 156cm/US 5'1"
EU 107cm/US 42"
EU 84cm/US 33"
EU 107cm/US 42"
40-42 EU/10-12 US
38.5 EU/6.5 US

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There has never been quite a glimmer in someone’s eyes as there is when Hally is onstage. Once she opens her mouth the audience is silenced and are in awe of what she is doing. She has been in many musicals in junior high and high school; most of them with lead roles. She was Miss Hannigan in Annie, The Cat in the Hat in The Seussical, Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie, Amber Vontussel in Hairspray and was also herself in Godspell. She received the drama award all four years of high school. She has never loved anything quite as much as she loves being on a stage. Not only can Hally act and sing, but she can also play many different musical instruments; saxophone being her true love. She was first chair all through school and even received the award for band when she graduated. Music and theatre are her top two passions and she wishes for nothing more than to be a part of them forever. Even though Hally excels with music and theatre, she has decided to go to college for Business Administration. She chose this path because she knew that her talent would be recognized and that paying for a theatre education would be a waste of her time; in her opinion, you learn by doing. She is also going to college for free because she graduated in the top 15% of her class and participates in the NJ Stars Program. Hally is one of the most outspoken and positive people out there. She loves life and everyone in it, as long as they are nice. Her mother always taught her, “You like someone because they are nice, not because of what they look like.” Hally has lived by this and will continue to do so until there is world peace and everything is right in the world, no matter how long it takes or how difficult it is to get there. Hally was bullied in high school. Other students did not like her simply because they were jealous of her abilities. There are not many people that are leads in musicals as freshman and many people felt threatened by her skills. It was a very rough four years for her but she persevered and conquered everything that was thrown at her. No matter what was said about her, she remained positive and kept pushing on. Not only did Hally excel in theatre, band, and school, but she also started working as a server at the age of 16. She is very independent and works very hard to benefit herself. While other kids were running around doing crazy things on weekends, Hally was picking up shifts and trying to make as much money as she could because she is so determined to become successful in her life. Being a server is probably one of the best things that happened to her because it really does enhance her acting skills. You have to be personable and funny and make people want to give you their money, which is no easy feat. Hally Maule is one of the most talented individuals to ever live in Woodbury, New Jersey and she just wants to see her name in lights. If she keeps pursuing her dreams like she is now, she will definitely get there.