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Catherine C.
EU 165cm/US 5'5"
EU 91cm/US 36"
EU 86cm/US 34"
EU 98cm/US 38.5"
36-38 EU/6-8 US
40.5 EU/7.5 US

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Currently Represented By: Models Inc. Talent Agency (451) 513-4471 - Catherine started writing plays and skits when she was 7 years old, casting, directing, and producing them, using family members for performers. She put on dance shows for her family members as well, pretending she was in front of a huge crowd. But, due to strict religious beliefs at the time, her parents restricted her dream and she was unable to take it any farther until she was 12 years old. Her sister- in- law got her interested in modeling and formed her own agency to help people like her get started. She entered Catherine into the J C Penney/Seventeen Magazine modeling contest in 1987 and she got to state finals for SC. She then entered herself again the next year for NC, and made it to the Seventeen magazine tryouts in NY but She was unable to go any further due to her father's onset illness. That didn't stop her though.She got involved in her town theater because she had family involved in the theater, and her group won a state award for the play she was in, Terror at the Drive-in. She then decided that she was not going to let anyone stop her and became Miss Photogenic Queen 1990-91 (2 years in a row) after entering into the Miss Teen Coed Pageant. She got 14th runner-up out of 120 girls and decided to look into film and television. At age 22, She confronted her aunt who was in the industry for the NC Film Commission and finally persuaded her after many tries to help Catherine find the right people to help fulfill her dream. Soon after, she moved to Wilmington, NC where she started working as an extra and zoomed off from there working as a body double, stand-in and from there got a couple of supporting roles, and small lead roles. But, she was told she would need an LA or NY agent. She did eventually, but unfortunately, timing has never met opportunity and she believes that it isn't over yet. Every time Catherine has given up on this dream, someone finds her and tells her to make a call to someone they know or go see that person and it is a passion that she will never give up. Her dream is to get a lead role in a movie or TV show so she can share her vision and zest for life with the world.