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Megan K.
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The second oldest of 6 children from central Illinois Megan has travelled and lived all over the world. Pursuing her lifelong love of learning and exploring she served in the Peace Corps in Africa, got her masters degree in France, worked in the UK, and joined a startup in San Francisco. Currently she is working at a startup in San Francisco as well as running her own startup, Truthian, which supports authors and artists. Megan’s experiences with the media and documentaries as part of her candidacy for Mars One’s one way Mars trip intrigued her leading her to pursue opportunities in the entertainment industry. With the ultimate goal of exploring Mars Megan is a unique individual. In pursuit of learning the skills to thrive on the red planet she has garnered a wide variety of skills. With a bit of experience in everything from flying, rocket science and coding, to agriculture, cooking and sewing, to law and history, to art, writing and world travel, her eclectic background giver her a wealth of experience and abilities to draw upon. Extensive travel and living abroad have taught her to observe and adapt to the cultural norms in an environment. Seeing the world through the eyes of those she meets opened her eyes to the multitude of ways people perceive actions and words. Throughout her career she has put her skills at understanding different perspectives to use translating concepts between legal, engineering and business. From a young age Megan thrived on the creative arts drawing, singing, dancing, painting and telling stories. Through church, 4-H and later high school Megan was able to pursue her diverse interests performing in school plays and local public speaking and artistic competitions. While in university Megan was on the college’s exhibition drill team which competed and performed nationally. After graduation she put her physics degree to work at a civil engineering firm although she remained involved in her church performances. It was in the Peace Corps that she explored her talent for mimicry, languages, and grasping foreign perspectives. Documentaries and interviews related to her Mars One candidacy and work opened her eyes to new possibilities