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Sharon T.
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On January 11th 1984 a star was born named Sharon Twitty. She is a genius, graduating from Middle School a Valedictorian. It was in Middle School where she first experienced her calling when she stood in front of her entire class, at age 12, alongside Mayor Marion Barry and read her speech at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC. She was a natural! In High School, Sharon Twitty started using her acting talent at age 15 on a professional level. After classes she would go to a community health organization named Metro TeenAIDS. There she was paid to write and perform skits, raps, and poems to educate other youth on abstinence and other smart health choices as a teen. The group was called New School Activist. She was so creative that she even wrote a talk show for other members of the group to act in with her being the Host. Sharon enjoyed performing so much and was so masterful in her group that she decided to pursue more acting opportunities. She auditioned at age 16 for voice over work at Sasha Bruce Youthwork and Street Soldiers Enterprises, Inc. There she was chosen to be the character Monic in a radio skit for youth on DC's Hip Hop and R&B station 93.9 WKYS. The radio segment was called "What's the Deal Yo!" airing weekly during the summer. Now Sharon Twitty was 16 years old collecting checks from Metro TeenAIDS and Sasha Bruce Youthwork/Street Soldiers Enterprises, Inc. Her ambition for success and hard work ethic encouraged her to apply for a part time job. Her mother even gave her permission to have an AVON business. With her income from her job, AVON and performing she was able to take care of her family during a severe financial struggle and pursue more work in entertainment. This is when she discovered Barbizon at age 16 and before her 17th birthday. The ambitious Sharon Twitty paid for her classes. Considering how she was very intrigued with health, modeling became an instant love. Sharon had stopped eating pork at age12, beef at age 14, refused all peer pressure to drink alcohol or smoke and now she discovered a profession where it was her duty to take excellent care of her health and body. Sharon fell in love with the idea of looking great and healthy to show off products and clothing. It was a motivator to stay on the path of making good decisions about her body. To this day she remembers Barbizon telling her at her audition that her look was that of a 'soft romance'. Well, she took that soft romance and at the Barbizon Competition captured the eye of the Director of Millennium Model Management, Terry Groman. At age 17 Sharon Twitty was signed to her first Modeling and Acting agency. Her life got even more interesting when she was introduced to her second business Pre-Paid Legal Services at age 18. Now High School was ending and Sharon Twitty decided to grow her new business and perform. In Pre-Paid Legal she met many millionaires and billionaires who taught her not just the art of sales and building a big business but also personal development. She read books by Robert Kiyosaki, Napolean Hill, John C. Maxwell and George Samuel Clason to name a few. She met and learned from powerful motivational speakers like Jim Rohn, Paul J. Meyer and Jeff Olson at seminars and trainings. Sharon Twitty entered adulthood mastering leadership, perseverance, discipline, people skills, and public speaking from millionaires in Network Marketing. The good news is that she was promoted four times in her business. The bad news is that she was performing less and less. The pressure was great upon her to reach the top level in her company. Helping families with their legal problems was rewarding but she still felt like there was something else she was called to do. Nothing could take the place of the feeling she got whenever she was on stage... So, in 2012 Sharon Twitty made her first and true love a priority. Sharon then started modeling in various runway shows for producers like Harvey 'Star' Washington. Later that year she traveled to Richmond, VA and was a knock out at the Actors, Models and Talent for Christ (AMTC) audition. As she was preparing for her SHINE Event she decided to do something she learned in business which was to "step outside your comfort zone" and she auditioned for the Singing Showcase. Sharon Twitty can sing! Her acting, modeling and singing performances at the Winter SHINE Event was phenomenon. Its been a wrap from hence forth. She started modeling as a plus size model for DC Fashion Week in 2013. Made their Top 50 and 10 Year Anniversary cycles. Being one of the lucky three plus size models chosen each time. In 2014, she wanted to continue using her singing talent so she created two YouTube videos. As Sharon Twitty continued acting and modeling she was offered to co-host on a radio show on Radio One's WYCB Spirit 1340am beginning July 2014. With her new job as a radio personality she decided to create herself a stage name. It rang a bell when she came up with 'Miss Twitty'. Miss Twitty with her business mindset, then immediately set up her own entertainment company Miss Twitty LLC. She co-hosted so well that after New Year's 2015 she was offered her own show which aired February 2015. Feeling so happy and fulfilled that she's performing like never before and that she owns her own company, what smarter thing to do but to incorporate her passion for health. Miss Twitty produces and hosts "Prosper In Health" Radio Show on WYCB Spirit 1340am. A star was born and the star still shines. Miss Twitty's goal is to grow her entertainment company to a million dollar business with all her performing. Miss Twitty is a professional runway model, print model, actress and radio host. Visit her YouTube account 'Miss Twitty' as she also showcased her rap skills in her newest video. By the way, to this day, she does not eat pork, eat beef, never drunk or smoked. What an amazing woman that 12 year old child grew up to be.